Reservation FAQ
Textbook Reservation FAQ

How does Delivery work?

If you select Delivery, we will get your dorm assignment from Residential Life, and deliver your order
to your room before you arrive on campus. There is no charge for this service! It removes a little of
the stress from your first weekend here, and keeps you from having to stand in line at the bookstore.

Where do I pick up my books?

When you arrive on campus, please go to the windows across the hall from the Bookstore to claim your books.
The windows will open on the Friday of opening weekend at 8am.

Can you tell me what my books will cost?

Unfortunately, no. Until your books are actually pulled for you, there is no way to calculate the total cost.
We will notify you what was charged to your card through your e-mail account. You should expect to be
charged between $350 and $600 for your first semester books.

If I select that I want used books can I be sure that I will get used books only?

If used books are available for your class, we will pack them. If they are not, we will pack a new book.
By using Textbook Reservation you get first dibs on used books because we pull them for you before classes start.
Please note that some professors may choose to use books that are brand new editions – in which case no used
books will be available.

Do you have a lot of used books?

The University Bookstore is one of the top college bookstores in the nation when it comes to used books. We work
hard to stock our shelves with as many used books as possible. Our sources for used books include various used
book wholesalers nationwide, as well as UMaine students who sell us back their books during buyback.

What condition are used books in?

Our used books are in good condition. We won’t sell a used book that we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. Of course,
some used books have some highlighting and notes on the pages – that’s why they are 35% cheaper than the cost of
a new book. If your used book doesn’t meet your standards, you have until the refund deadline to exchange it or get
a full refund.

What about optional and recommended books?

Books and study aids which are optional or recommended will not be included with the required books.

I picked up my order and some books were missing. Why?

Some books may not be included because of late publishing/printing dates or because of late book orders from faculty.
Check with the information desk at the University Bookstore to find out when those books will arrive.

Is there a fee for Textbook Reservation?

Nope, it's a free service! But, if you do not claim your books by the announced final day (unless otherwise arranged)
you will be charged a $20.00 restocking fee to help defray the cost of processing your order.

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