Textbook Information for Faculty

What can you do to lower student textbook costs?

Get your orders in on time!

The University Bookstore wants to lower our costs to students.
Our mark-up is lower than the national average, but we need your help!

Here's how getting your orders in on time helps lower the cost of books:
  1. Providing more used books is our best means to lower student costs. They sell for 35% less than a new book.

  2. Most of our used books come from used book companies. It is primarily a first-come first-served industry.
    Timely orders greatly increase our chances of success. Their warehouses are empty when we try to order late.

  3. Many students choose to sell their books at the end of the semester during buyback. If we have a textbook requisition,
    the Bookstore will pay one half the new price. Without a requisition, we might not be able to buy this book back at all!

Because of faculty being timely in their book orders, the University Bookstore
anticipates over $100,000 in additional savings to UMaine students!