First-Year Students

Information For First Year Students
What EVERY first year student needs to know about the Bookstore?

> What is the University Bookstore? Find out

> When should I get my required textbooks and supplies? Find out

> How much should I budget for textbooks? Find out

> What are used books? Find out

> What is Buyback? Find out

> Does the Bookstore make a profit? Find out

> Can I get a refund? Find out


> What is the University Bookstore? top
At college you buy your textbooks. All textbooks and most supplies required for class are available at the University Bookstore. These are the things you're supposed to get. We also have lots of other stuff: UMaine clothing, gift items, food, school and art supplies, greeting cards, and regular books and magazines.


> When should I get my required textbooks and supplies? top
The best time is before classes start. It's far less crowded before classes start and our staff is better able to assist you. We are usually better stocked and have more used textbooks. We suggest the following: use our textbook reservation for the fall semester, use our webpage, or come to the Bookstore after you have moved in to your residence hall. On the first day of class we may be the busiest store north of Boston!


> How much should I budget for textbooks? top
Textbooks are expensive no matter where you go to college. Each student will have unique needs making an exact estimate difficult. In general, an average first year student will need around $500 per semester. This will vary considerably depending on what books your professor has selected. To help out our students, our markup is less than the average bookstore.


> What are used books? top
The hottest thing we sell! They go fast, so shop early! While they have been "previously owned," we will not intentionally sell a damaged book. Our preferred source is from repurchasing needed books back from students, which we call BUYBACK.


> What is Buyback? top
Faculty select what textbooks are required, not the Bookstore. If we have received a request for a title, we will buy back the book at up to 1/2 the price of the new book, up to the number that we need. If we haven't received a request, we pay the national market price, which is what used book companies will give us.


> Does the Bookstore make a profit? top
Yes. We are a University-owned operation which is funded from our sales. A modest profit is added for either bookstore improvements or other campus projects such as a new Union, parking lots, and scholarships. The profit is spent on the University of Maine.


> Can I get a refund? top
Yes. A receipt is always required so the Bookstore does not become a clearinghouse for stolen books. The refund period varies by product and time of year. For the beginning of classes in fall and spring (Rush), it is seven days. The Rush Refund deadline will be on your receipt.